YouTube Marketing and UTM Parameters

Online channels are flooded with sharing platforms. With insurmountable content and rising cost of producing content, it is imperative that you track your traffic to make effective decisions in order to get the most desired results for your marketing campaign. Tracking traffic helps you make informed decisions in terms of which platform should your marketing efforts focus on as per user engagement and web traffic.
For those using open platform of YouTube for marketing, getting the required traction for your efforts can be done using UTM parameters.

What is UTM Parameter?

UTM Parameters (Urchin Traffic Monitors) are tags that are added to a URL. When specific links are clicked, the tags are tracked as they are sent to Google Analytics. By using UTM parameters, you can tag your YouTube links in order to analyze the overall effectiveness of your marketing campaign and consequently, identify the best way to get the required traction for your efforts. This is helpful for brands to spread their marketing efforts accordingly across various channels and also specifically for YouTube marketing campaigns.

In simple words, UTM Parameters can create traceable tags for your links on YouTube which makes it easier for brands to identify which videos are getting more views and traffic.

How Can You Create UTM Parameters?

You can easily create UTM Parameters through Google Analytics Link Builder. You have to fill out six main fields: Website URL, Campaign source, Campaign medium, Campaign name, Campaign content and Campaign terms. These are elaborately described below:

Website URL: This is the landing page that the users will be routed to once they click on the tag.

Campaign Source: This is used to identify from where your website traffic is coming from – social media videos, blogs, articles, images, etc.

Campaign Medium: This source identifies the medium through which the specific link is added to.

Campaign Name: This helps your brand understand and identify specific link for promotion efforts and it is especially helpful if you have more than one marketing campaign.

Campaign Content: This parameter is optional and is meant for ads that are content targeted.

Campaign Term: This is also an optional parameter and is used especially for paid search to add keywords to.


Please know that UTM Parameters are case sensitive that are embedded as external links on YouTube videos. You can track traffic by going to All Campaigns Report, found under Acquisition > Site Campaigns. You can also check and analyze your traffic using Google Analytics.


It is interesting to know how simple tags can help brand track traffic and understand which marketing campaign is the most successful for them. Having access to UTM Parameters can help ensure how you can better your YouTube marketing efforts.

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