Will The Expansion Of Word Count On Twitter Enhance User Experience ?

Twitter’s new 280 character limit was launched

The very popular micro blogging site, Twitter, has officially doubled its word limit from 140 characters to 280 characters. The Twittersphere has come up with this new arrival and the Twitterati are looking forward to this change. This platform focuses on brief content that can deliver as much information as possible to the masses. The challenge for Twitterati has always been to quote their views in few words which should hold the power to convey the entire message to the people. Word restriction has been a major issue faced by the users as it obstructs them from expressing their thought in the shortest form. But, how does this affect the business market? Let’s find out!

More space for company updates

Earlier, when there was 280 word limit for the users, it was difficult to share tweets about business and its latest updates. The information relevant to the product and services could not be adjusted within the word frame set. Moreover, the web links and photos attached to the tweet would devour the whole space. So, with this extension of word limit, the post would be longer in size enabling the companies to add excessive content related to their product in those 280 characters.

potential to reach wider audiences

More detailed tweets

There are linguistic disparities in the character stretch as the Twitter users in Japan, China and Korea can convey more information in just 140 characters in comparison to other users who tweet in English. It is so because in such languages one alphabet denotes loads of information and therefore, the users in other countries using English, Portuguese or French struggle a lot to minimize the text. In order to eradicate this issue, twitter has found a convenient way out.

Better interaction with customers

Though companies use Direct Messaging tool to chat with their customers and deal with their queries, but Twitter can now become a customer service platform too. Before this word stretch, business conversations could not be done efficiently on twitter because the responses could not be descriptive, but now rather than requesting the customers to email or click on a link, one can directly reply to them on Twitter with a better elaborative tweet. The real-time advantages of Twitter will now be beneficial for business communication.

engagement rate for the Twitter

New arrival – Display Name extended upto 50 characters

After the announcement of 280 characters rolling out, Twitter came out with another advancement of increasing the display name character count from 20 to 50. This will enable the users to include large username (say middle name), emojis and any other additions. This will help in presenting the name of the company’s Twitter page in a decorative manner.

Twitter analytics – longer posts gain more engagement

As per a metric report, longer posts with less hagtags attract the audiences and allure them to retweet or respond more. According to the research, tweets with one or two hashtags attract 21 percent more engagement than those with three or more. Unnecessary usage of hashtags should be avoided in order to retain the engagement rate for the Twitter handle.

Twitter is now indexed by Google

Composition of better posts

Due to word restriction, the creativity of the user was hampered, but with this word increase, twitter can evolve as an accomplished publishing platform. Adding Call to Actions such as “Buy it Now” to the tweets can convey ample of significant details to the consumers. Moreover, appearing in the Google search results would be much easier ad Twitter is now indexed by Google and longer tweets which are strategically crafted have the potential to reach wider audiences.


Initially, the Twitter’s new 280 character limit was launched on an experimental basis to determine its performance. One factor is questionable and that is, brevity because the USP of Twitter is known for its brief content and if the word count is exceeded, then the efforts that users used to make to shorten their text and publish precise tweets would go in vain. Twitter has always been applauded for the accurate content that Twitterati generate, but let’s see if the new character stretch attribute of Twitter turns out to be a boon or bane.

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