Why print advertising is not enough now?

With the rising popularity of social media among users now, it is not surprising that advertisement on Facebook has also become the top choice for many businesses to reach out to their consumers. But what about print advertising? Despite its popularity, Facebook is accessed mostly by the younger generation and there is still substantial target market of consumers that can be reached by print advertising in India. So, every business must be faced with the question of whether to invest in social media ads or print ads?

To help you make a better decisions, this blog enlists two main parameters which you can use to make your final decision and choose to either go online or offline with advertising:

Target Ability:

With integrated functions and applicability, Facebook ads are used to target ads in a focused manner with regard to reaching out to people as per their unique location, preferences, habits, interests, gender, age, etc. Also, marketers can target consumers based on their browsing activities off of Facebook as well. This means that online ads are more meaningful to those who see them and makes for high degree of probability for them to take an action.
On the other hand, with Print ads, marketers can hope that they target consumer picks up the specific magazine or newspaper and there is no guarantee that they will commit this action. With online ads, marketers can reach the right consumer, at the right place, and at the right time.


It is difficult to measure the impact of a print ad and there are no tell-tale signs as to how exactly print ads can lead to more profitability or brand awareness. With digital ads, there are tools available that let marketers track their performance (ads) every day as they can see how many took what kind of action on any particular ad. There are tools that let them see how many people actually saw the online ad. This makes it easier for them to see what works for them what does not.

It is pretty clear that online ads now fare far better in terms of reach and measurability. However, it would be too soon to predict the fall of print ads as they still command a great following.

With an advertising agency, marketers can reach out to millions of consumers at affordable costs, in a very focused and effective manner.


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