Website Optimization For Mobiles Enhances Brand Visibility & Sales

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Mobiles – The gadget that revolutionized the world of technology. Since mobile phones came into use, people diverted all of their attention to these handy gizmos. Earlier, desktop and computers were the only devices that were targeted for websites and applications. But the increasing number of phone users is what has made mobile optimization a must for all the marketers. As per a survey conducted by, 63.54% of Google searches come from mobiles and 36.46% of Google searches are done on desktops. We can see how mobile devices are taking over the place of other gadgets. Tell me, how many times you look into your phone for a notification or for window shopping online. These days, the customers are very instant and fickle minded and there are so many platforms that offer terrific products and services. Therefore, it is significant to devise website design for mobiles and tablets. Here are some of the ways that can generate more business via mobile optimization.

Google Searches | Website optimization for mobiles enhances brand visibility and sales

Quick search

The purchasing propensity of a consumer has changed; in the sense that now people have ample of choices and they don’t linger on one platform for long. Online presence of a brand is enough to grab the attention of the consumers. If a site is optimized for mobiles, then the brand wins competitor advantage. If a brand does not have mobile version or it under progress, then the site visitors get annoyed. So, mobile optimization is essential for marketing today. Mobile phones are user oriented and they makes the sites just a click away for the potential buyers.

Website optimization

Boost in Ranking

The only reason that the maximum traffic online comes from mobiles is because users are active on mobiles than on desktop and other devices. According to Google, a website is ranked higher if it is optimized for mobile devices; it is because then it is convenient for the users to figure out the best search results that are displayed on various platforms. This simply clears the fact that the company’s sites that do not use mobile access are likely to get lost in the competition of search results.

Enhanced user experience

When a visitor visits a site on mobile, the experience is way different from computer counterparts. Mobiles enable wide accessibility which is the key in business. For the betterment of the user experience, the page speed plays an important. Page speed refers to the time taken for the page to load completely on the screen.

user experience | Website optimization for mobiles enhances brand visibility and sales

Short and brief content

The content of websites optimized for mobiles should be adjusted as per the screen size and thus, usage of infographics and brevity is paramount. Short content encourages readability and thus, website visitors scroll through the whole page. So, while optimizing sites for smartphones; the site structure, site design and page speed, etc. have to be taken into account.

As per the increasing inclination of customers towards mobile phones, the websites have been designed for different screen sizes and load times. Mobile friendly websites always have an upper hand over the other sites as mobile viewership is higher than that of desktops.

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