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Visual Branding On Social Media | Vowels Blog

Human brain is wired to respond quicker to pictures and images more than texts. Interestingly, the world of marketing has also become more visual. This is also the reason why increasingly social media posts are moving from blogging or textual posts to visual posts.
Marketers need to know that they need to leverage the visual social atmosphere in order to implement a strong visual branding strategy.

What is Visual Branding?

Visual branding refers to everything your social media profile and posts look like. Visual content is stated to enhance social engagement as well.

Things to Keep in Mind:

Visual branding can be intimidating and challenging if you are not sure what you are up against. If you keep the following tips in mind, it will be easier for you to focus on visual branding on social media.

Colors: Use a catchy color theme in order to grab consumer’s attention. Also, it helps your brand in achieving consistency as well. Color combinations tend to convey their own messages so choosing the colors that fall in line with your firm’s mission and vision will be best. Furthermore, you should know color psychology to choose the best color for your posts to have the maximum impact.

Filters and Imagery:
Images and filters add emphasis to your posts. If you are not using your own camera then there are many sites that offer photo stocks for rent or sale. You can also add a personal touch to it by using Photoshop or simply using Instagram.

Fonts: The style of font you decide to use for your visual posts also sends a message and create a perception about your brand. Using a careless font may render your message comical.

Despite the speed at which people create and consumer visual branding on a daily basis, the preference for the same will continue to grow; simply because people consume visual texts better and faster than plaint texts. But as far as visual branding is concerned, the message conveyed has to be consistent, simple and effective for the customer to recognize your brand on the social platform with every single visual post.

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