How to use Instagram Live videos to boost your business

Instagram Live videos

Last year, Instagram launched the live video feature which got all its users pretty excited about streaming life events in real time for their followers. However, the feature comes with a range of benefits for business owners who are looking at garnering eyeballs and attracting attention from existing and prospective customers. One must note, that every time you go live, not only it reflects in your story tab, all your followers are also notified of the activity and your prospective consumers can discover you in the explore tab.

How to use Instagram Live videos to boost your business | Vowels Advertising Agency

So make the most of it and take note of these 4 ways in which you can use Instagram live feature to benefit your brand:

1. Product Launches and announcements

Digital media is a two-way street, where you need to interact with your customers in order to retain them and live videos present the opportunity to do the same. As you connect with consumers live, you can answer their queries and discuss your upcoming venture in real-time.

2. Q&A Sessions

Keep your audiences glued to your brand and make it a point to conduct live FAQ sessions, where you can entertain consumer queries which will help build a strong brand-customer relationship in the long run.

3. Behind the Scenes

Give your customers a sneak peek into your world. Inculcate office environment, latest updates, and work culture related videos to enable trust and enhance your brand image.

4. Cross promotions, collaborations and takeovers

Give your target audience an insight into your brand by collaborating with influencers and bloggers who can connect your brand to relevant consumers through their network. If your brand functions on different platforms or is extended over a network of channels, you can also look at takeovers or cross-promotions where you can reach a larger group of people by promoting on a different channel.

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