Twitter Tricks That Don’t Work

Pros and Cons for twitter
One of the main challenges of using information on social media is that you don’t necessarily what is useful and what is fluff. Whether an individual or an organization, you want to utilize as much information as possible to apply every hack for your social media accounts. It may not always work and the same goes for Twitter as well. This blog post is all about debunking Twitter tips and tricks that do not always work.

Follow and reciprocity trick:

One of the essential “tips” that has been going around to get more followers on twitter is follow for follow tactic. You may end up getting more followers this way, but without proper engagement, you are basically scamming people into following you. You would need to focus on growing your followers organically. Ensure that your Twitter engagement with your followers is such that enables them to click your links and become potential leads.

You can buy followers:

This tip is an absolute no as it does not yield in any result. Getting a large number of followers is not the only thing that counts on Twitter while building a presence. This is because if you are only buying fake followers, the same will not result in you getting more leads or sales!

You should hashtag everything:

Hashtag helps you get more eyeballs on your tweet. So if you load up your tweet with as many hashtags as possible will certainly get more audience to check your tweet. It doesn’t work! It’s better to use one or two hashtags for your tweet that are relevant than using more than three of four hashtags just because!

Post links only to your blog posts:

Yes, you are on Twitter to build your business and you have implemented a comprehensive content marketing plan and you want to push your content on Twitter. But talking only about your posts and blogs and products will reduce the engagement with the intended audience. You need to play a fair game and include industry news, related posts, news, etc. that can be of use to all of your followers.

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