Use of Twitter for Businesses

Have you used Twitter as part of your integrated social media strategy? If not, then you need to read on..

With millions of users, real time marketing impact and latest updates, dropping off Twitter from your marketing strategy is not a good idea. Find out why:

Twitter is best defined as a short messaging communication service or tool that allows users to send messages, called as Tweets, up to 140 characters to people who have subscribed to you. The tweets can include anything – from simple posts, link to any website or article, blog post, journal, pdf files, images, etc. Furthermore, by adding an image to your tweet can greatly enhance traffic to your website, adding a new twist to, “a picture is worth a thousand words”.  Users subscribe to your account and you also follow other users, which allow you to read, retweet and also share tweets by others on your tweetline to build on a relationship building with your customers.

Unique Factor 
Twitter falls into the category of micro-blogging site/tool as it consists of disconnected and short messages, disseminating information to millions of followers. Twitter also shares some of its attributes with Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.

How can you use it for business
Your Twitter handle can work as the face of your firm or brand, giving you a huge opportunity to share your business story with your followers. Ensure that your Twitter timeline is consistent with the timeline of other social media pages – giving you an impression of a well established brand. You can do so with the help of a creative agency.

Follow your customers, business partners, suppliers, competitors, etc. and start talking! It’s a smorgasbord of innovative ideas and thoughts giving you a creative platform to share, disseminate, and create your own unique identity, which you followers can associate with.

Make sure you tweet and retweet relevant information on a regular basis to stay in touch with your followers. Using humour can also get your followers to associate more with your brand. So, get started with your Tweets and join the twiterrati bandwagon!

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