What does your brand need – Traditional Marketing or Digital Marketing?

Virtually Digital Marketing Tactics

The comparison between conventional tools and the modern ones has been in the marketing scenario since a decade. The advent of digital marketing has opened doors for marketers to extend their business on various digital platforms. On one hand, where digital marketing has enabled advertisements to reach vast audience quickly, on the other hand, traditional media has always attained the position of being the most credible platform. Let’s have a look at the statistics and analyze which of these marketing tools are beneficial for the advertisers.

Cost Effective tool

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The first thing that bothers the entrepreneurs and business owners is the budget. So, the amount that is rendered by these tools is what matters the most to the marketers. Traditional methods including newspapers, flyers, radios, TV, etc. incur a lot of expenditure whereas modern methods have multiple advantages and that too at a reasonable cost. Therefore, the advertisers always look the cheaper and better option to invest and gain bountiful revenues.

Instant Response

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The USP of the digital marketing is that it generates instant reactions from the visitors and this immediate response kindles the chain reaction among the masses. The traditional media lags behind the when it comes to stimulating trending content because the ads presented in TV, Radio, etc. are once viewed or heard and that’s done. There is no further responses that are heeded in case of conventional tools.

Market Penetration

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When a marketer invests his/her capital and mind in building strategies for a tailored marketing, he/she needs to be assured that the benefits are generated out of it. The real time results that digital media offers are very helpful for the business owner in order to get an insight of the customers’ likes and dislikes. The reach of traditional media seeps into the lowest level as newspapers, community radios, etc. are widely available, be it remote areas or a metropolitan city. So, market segmentation is necessary to reach out to the niche audience and get maximum visibility for the brand.

Better Exposure, Publicity and Engagement 

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Interactivity is one factor that paves the way for the advertisers to build personal liaison with the customers. Traditional method is definitely very authentic and well-written, but the ability to create buzz and directly connect with the customers. The digital platforms offer an opportunity to the customers to debate about trends; engage in discussion forums, respond, comment and share. Quick reactions from the public helps in creating a casual bond with the customer and enhance brand presence. Publicity is very convenient to muster on digital platforms as the content that is liked by public spreads like a forest fire in a blink of an eye.

Easy Analytics

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From an advertiser’s perspective, audience reaction is the most important aspect of advertiser-audience relationship. Traditional methods do not allow the marketers to gauge the response of the visitors. So, it is tough to determine the reach of the masses and their feedback. Whereas digital marketing allow the advertisers to measure the efficiency of their campaign through Google Analytics, conversion rate, inbound traffic and bounce rate and profit, etc.


Marketing is an indispensable tool for business and entrepreneurs have to use this tactic to target their audience. Be it digital or traditional marketing, a businessman has to garner revenue. So, the advertisers have to think wisely when it comes to choosing the tools out of the two options depending on what the budget allows. Both the methods have their own pros and cons, but, clearly digital marketing is attracting a large number of subduing the popularity of conventional method. No matter how trending digital media is these days, the foundation that conventional media has laid cannot be uprooted.


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