Tips & Tricks To Enhance LinkedIn Engagement For Your Brand

Tips and tricks to enhance LinkedIn engagement for your brand

LinkedIn is like a distant relative of Facebook and Twitter. Another social media platform, it is very unlike its contemporaries. Meant exclusively for business and employment, LinkedIn lingo is very different from its fellow platforms. There are 500 million experts on LinkedIn, which means there is a huge possibility of getting your business noticed. The two key methods to running an effective LinkedIn page are to post steady, captivating content and to deliberately self-promote.

Below are some points which will work wonders towards an increased engagement on your LinkedIn brand page:

Select the right profile image and background:

Like other social media platforms the profile image and banner on your profile add life to your page and give out the most important first impression about your brand. Therefore, a prerequisite before setting up the page must be to choose the appropriate profile and banner image which is representational of your brand and attracts audiences to go through your complete profile.

Post relevant, post regular:

Abstain from posting similar sort of content again and again on your page. Individuals will get exhausted in case of mundane and monotonous content. Post articles which would be of interest to your target audience, news about your company, videos, images, and much more thereby maintaining a certain variety which will help in audience retention.

Post content at the most optimal time of the day:

Increase engagement of your content by posting your updates particularly during the hour when a vast majority of your target group or your prospective clients are on LinkedIn. According to HubSpot data the best days for LinkedIn updates are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Use LinkedIn recommendation Ads:

LinkedIn Recommendation Ads enable you to advertise your product or service to your target market. These advertising campaigns can enable you to build engagement on your Company Page by acquiring more activity and product proposals.

Boost Important Updates:

Just like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn also gives you the option to promote and publicize updates in order to reach a larger amount of your target audience. Post promotions help you reach not just your existing audiences but also prospective clients.

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