Which social network platform has the best community to boost your business in 2018?

social media marketing statics

The concept of global village has got a deep meaning in this century. Where social networking
has slashed down the physical, linguistic and generation’s barriers between individuals across
the world, it also opened the door to new opportunities and new connections. The global
interaction has what intrigued the business men across the globe to build a close relationship
with customers by bridging the gap between the product/services and the consumer.

With social media network contributing toward building productive community of followers,
businessmen, small or big, have witnessed a growth in their promotion work. Here are the
some of the best social media platforms that create powerful impact with community creation:

Facebook Statics 2018

This platform tops the list when it comes to offering a quality community as it has 2.13 billion
monthly active users and 1.4 active daily users. Out of these active users, 50 million use
Facebook business profiles to connect with people. It has impacted humanity and created great
opportunity for small scale or large business to flourish online. The best part about Facebook is
that it identifies the right audience/ community and therefore, cutting the financial losses.
Maximum social media advertising is done through Facebook ads, hence the advantage.

YouTube Statics 2018

Promoting business among online community is not a layman’s job, it requires an insightful
understanding of the factors that entice the customers and their preferences and dislikes. Due
to its wide viewership, it has gained more recognition among the masses. Videos are streaming
in the market and thus, appealing a vast audience.

Instagram Statics 2018

Since the advent of Instagram stories, this platform has emerged as the most buzz-worthy and
trending media. Around 59 % internet users are from youth sector who use Instagram and
there are 25 million business profiles. These days, visual media has an upper hand over all the
other advertising sources.

Google+ Statics 2018

The most significant reason that Google + is one of the prominent community creators is the
fact that if people haves a Gmail account, then they must be using Google Plus account as well.

Understanding the demographics of the audience to trigger their needs is very important and
that’s what drives more traffic to the business profile.

Snapchat Statics 2018

This platform has 301 million monthly active users and the popularity of influencers has made it
livelier and one of the most happening apps out of all. The crazy and wacky filters and stories
have made it very attractive and interactive for the people. Other platforms, namely Linked In,
Twitter, Pinterest, etc. are also in the queue of making the best community for business.


While talking about community networking, the first platform that comes to everyone’s mind is
LinkedIn because it is the most professional and business-oriented platform. But the increasing
number of active users on other platforms, whether they are professional or non-professionals,
has helped them to prosper. All of these social media networks have a great scope for business
men to extend their channel of supporters and spread their presence. For 2018, one must not
only elevate the number of users, but also engage them with these business pages.