Can posting time make a difference?

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The major key to attract and retain customers is a valuable and informative content. But what if the audience is unable to see your posts? All your efforts simply go in vain. A good content which had the capability to tap into a larger group of audience sometimes gets unsuccessful just because of its poor reach. Posting timing is a major issue in this context. Yes!! There are ideal timings for posting your content on social media. Again, these timings vary for different social media platforms.
Many researches were done to find out a perfect posting time. Try experimenting with these. You might surprise yourself!

Posting Timings For Instagram

It has been noticed that the Instagram audiences keep themselves engaged throughout the week on this highly popular photo-sharing app. Hence posting when you kick start your week would prove to be a good option. Also, engagement is higher during off-work hours. Therefore optimum posting time can be:-

  • Monday and Thursday at any time other than 3-4 pm
  • Videos do good when posted between 9pm and 8am.
  • You might try experimenting with other timings as well such as 2am, 5pm and on Wednesday at 7pm.
  • Since all businesses are different, your business might get suited to some other time. An Instagram analytics tool called Iconosquare is featured in a way to make you understand the most suitable time for your business.

    Posting Timings For Facebook

    The platform which requires no introduction, seems to generate the best response when content is posted on Wednesdays.

  • 3 pm seems to be the best time for posting on Wednesday
  • You can even try posting on Thursday and Friday between 1pm to 4 pm.
  • Few researchers find it a bad idea to post on weekends, whereas others advice to post from 12pm to 1 pm if you want to do it on a Saturday or Sunday.
  • In general, the maximum number of shares and clickthrough could be witnessed at 9 am, 1pm and 3pm.
    An amusing theory says that people tend to be happier on Friday, so funny or upbeat content rightly fits into that “happiness index”.
    Try using Facebook analytics and Fanpage Karma to track your data and find when your audience is online.

    Posting Timings For Twitter

    The optimal time for tweeting is considered between 12 pm and 3 pm with a peak best at 5 pm. Weekdays are considered the best for posting and engaging your Twitter audience while weekends are considered as the worst. On the contrary, there might be some niches who may have active audiences on weekends.

  • Tweeting on Wednesday at noon and between 5pm to 6 pm.
  • Monday to Friday at 12-3 pm and also at 5 pm yields great results.
  • You can try experimenting with the timing at 2-3 am, 6-7 am and 9-10 pm.
  • Twitter Analytics and Followerwonk can be used for tracking data on your own followers to find the best time which suits your business.

    Posting Timings For Pinterest

    For reaching Pinterest users, consider the following timings as the best:-

  • Saturdays between 8pm to 11 pm
  • On Fridays at 3 pm
  • The worst time is considered as the work hours for printing on Pinterest.
    It is advised to include a call to action for your audience. 80% of people who tend to see your content during peak times usually do not interact otherwise.

    Posting Timings For Google+

    Posting between 9am and 11 am on any day is feasible. But preferably Wednesday posting generates a good response. Other engaging timings may include 12-1pm.
    You might take the help of Timing+ for tracking the online hours of your audience.

    Posting Timings For LinkedIn

    The best days include Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 7-8 am, at 12 noon and between 5-6 pm in the evening.

    Business people are mostly seen reading LinkedIn in the morning like a newspaper. While LinkedIn is very professional, still the best timings to post is before and after work.

    Posting Timings For Tumblr

    You can improvise your presence by posting on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday. The best posting times being 7pm to 10 pm while the worst hours are considered from 12 am to 12 pm.


    Here we present favorable days of the week and most preferable timings to post your content on various social marketing platforms to attain maximum engagement. However, since all business and its processes are different from one other, this might not apply to you completely. Hence we have also provided solutions to track your own audience, experiment with a few timings and finally find out the most optimum time which suits your business.

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