A Social Media Lead Generation Guide for Twitter

B2B guide for Twitter Lead Generation

A Social Media Lead Generation Guide for Twitter

Twitter has always proved to be a great social media marketing platform. Use of Twitter for business has benefited many marketers by following proper marketing strategies. When it comes to B2B marketers, they should be able to demonstrate a clear ROI so as to have part of their budget allocated for online marketing resources.

A major metric for ROI for most of the B2B marketing departments is lead generation. Awareness and conversations are only one aspect but acquiring clear and measurable leads through social media are highly essential and for supporting future efforts and resource acquisition.

Let us now focus on a few aspects to focus while aspiring lead generation from Twitter:-

Testing is always better than assuming

Experts say that the safest assumption to be taken in the context of social media lead generation is to always assume that your assumptions are wrong!!

Many companies restrict themselves from using social media platforms for lead generations by assuming rather by giving excuses that this won’t work for them. Instead of simply sitting and assuming, experts advice to develop clear tests allowing businesses to measure and collect data around a variety of social media lead generation programs.

B2B guide for Twitter Lead Generation

Three important points to consider before beginning:

  • Make sure that all decision-makers are well aware of these tests and agree to the same.
  • Clear benchmarks should be set for lead quantity and quality.
  • Make it clear among all that if the test yields positive results only then the required resources will be allocated to it in order to continue.
  • Generating B2B Leads with Twitter

    Twitter can be understood in general terms as a microblogging site where a lot of people exchange their knowledge. You need to leverage the community of people who are already interested in your knowledge to that unfamiliar group who are unaware of your business and expertise. As a marketer, your job includes converting new visitors and connections from Twitter into leads.

    Generating B2B Leads with Twitter Profile Pages

    Twitter Background is the very first opportunity for optimization. The first step in this regard is to have a custom Twitter background for your company which includes call-to-action or URLs pointing visitors to potential lead generating web properties. Make your profile highly informative and easy to use.
    Another option is by using browser extension ClickableNow, which helps in making Twitter profile background links and calls-to-action clickable for users having installed plug-in.

    Another and a more important opportunity is with the profile URL. A general practice followed by major companies is simply putting a link to their corporate website homepage. This works well until you have optimized your homepage as lead generation tool after appropriate testing. In case if businesses are not using their homepage to drive leads, they might use the URL of their blog.

    Yet another option is creating a Twitter landing page which is well informed about your company as well as includes a clear call-to-action or form to support lead generation.

    Lead Generation by Content Distribution via Twitter

    Distributing content and information through Twitter can help drive leads to other content properties. This would include blogs, webinars, eBooks, contests and many others.

    It is advised to use URL shortening service such as bit.ly while distributing content via Twitter. This would help in tracking statistics for clicks and shares of your content which would yield a better understanding of the subject and the type of content which drives the best traffic and leads from Twitter.

    Using Twitter Search for Lead Generation

    Finding most relevant information and people to your business is the most crucial. These may include customers, media analysts or thought leaders.

    Advanced Twitter Search

    This feature allows businesses to dig deeper into conversations.

    People search feature

    Understand this with an example. You find an analyst or maybe a key reporter who is covering your business on Twitter. You can leverage this feature here in order to find out the audience to whom they have been talking about your industry.

    Another benefit would be learning about your competitor’s relationships with influencers and determining the type of information and trends which are most popular. This would ultimately help to improve lead generation offers.

    Tweep Search

    This is actually a third party tool but has proved to be highly useful. Users can search Twitter bios for keywords by using Tweep Search. While identifying sale prospects and influencers on Twitter, bio information proves to be highly beneficial. With this feature, you can compile loads of information which can be further used to generate leads and building up a relevant Twitter follower base.


    Lead generation through Twitter is not a tough job. Conduct tests and find out the most suitable strategy for your business thereby taking full advantage of this social media platform.

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