Importance of Social Media In Early Years Of Start-Up

Image : Importance of Social Media For Startups
Importance of Social Media For Startups

Starting a business of our own, which has always been your dream, is good, but the actual process of establishing the firm is very hectic. Unless and until you keep a potential threats in mind and have a strategy on how to tackle them, it would be a little difficult to achieve the desired result. One of the most important things is the use of social media for your start up smartly, especially in its initial phase, where it requires attention from potential clients, engage existing and new customers.

Here are some reasons why social media is more helpful, when your business is new than for a person with an already established one.

1. Need to establish an image: It is important to develop a unique identity on the social networking sites as it will help you push your brand’s image to a completely different level. Popular social networking sites like Facebook, has 700 million active users, so simply by being active on Facebook you are likely to receive good attention and the most important task is to have regularity and quality in terms of content.

2. Judged by popularity: After your company establishes a niche in a given market, clients approach you directly as it is already a known brand. But when you are new, you are judged more by your social image in terms of how many likes, shares, views, comments, followers, and subscribers you have. This reflects your firm’s degree of popularity among the target population, which also helps attract new clientele.

3. Acquaintance at an early stage: Efforts should be made to involve more and more consumers with your firm in the starting days of business for a productive result soon and it can be done easily through social media. If you are on LinkedIn then there are probabilities of connecting with companies to give the firm a professional edge as well.

4. Wide exposure: The power of social media is really immense. You can communicate with people of various companies more efficiently and get business as 40 percent of people socialize more via social media sites than they do face-to-face. It will also give hike to your sales and clients as 68 percent of Twitter users are more likely to make a purchase from the brands they follow, as per a recent survey.

With these easy but effective solutions, you can give your start up a good head start in the right direction, if managed properly.

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