Snapchat Scoring: Tips

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As unorthodox as it may sound, you can build your brand through Snapchat.
Yes. You read that right. As a small business, getting to the right audience is the most important step. So, if
Snapchat isn’t on your marketing mix for Social Media, you’re missing out on a great deal.
You’re engaging with the youth, you’ve got to give them something to remember, but before that, you need to give them a reason to follow you. Snapchat Score. Your Social(Media) Status Symbol. That is how you’re ranked and that will determine the number of followers you get.
So, how exactly can you increase your Snapchat Score?

1. Reach Out

tips for increasing snapchat score | Vowels Blog

The first thing to do is to send regular texts/snaps/videos to your friends. It could be a teaser video or a discount coupon or just greetings for the day. Do it. Send out a couple of snaps daily to your list. Not only are you on their mind everyday for sending out relevant content, you’re also increasing your score by 1 for each snap you send out per person.

2. Mass Snaps – But to whom?

Hacks for increasing snapchat score | Vowels Marketing Agency

The best way to send out multiple snaps through-out the day to increase your score and not risk annoying the people on your list is to follow a bunch of celebrities and send it all out to them by marking them in a group, as many times as you please. Being celebrities, they would never be opening your snaps anyway. So, no one gets annoyed by your numerous Snaps and you’re winning at that Score!

3. Open Snaps

Open Snaps

You know that person on your friend list, who sends you numerous snaps through-out the day which you don’t even bother opening? Do yourself a favour and open those snaps. You earn a point each for the snaps that you open.

4. Hack: There is None

I cannot say this enough, please do not fall prey to this. There is no such thing as the Snapchat Score Hack. Give some credibility to the developers, you can’t possibly use a hack to increase your score. So, just don’t waste your time hoping for a miracle.

Increasing your Snapchat score is quite simple actually. Be persistent. Be patient. And watch your Snapchat Scores gradually build up.

Updated New Updated Tips for How to score high in Snapchat

Snapchat is a social media platform where you can share pictures and texts to your friends. It is different from other social media platform because of its concept- the images are meant to be short-lived. So, when a picture is sent or receive it can only visible for a limited about of seconds. The app somehow deletes it and there is no record of communication.

With the commencement of New Year, Snapchat updated its features. Though there were some unfavorable reactions, Snapchat is still loved and managed to be one of the favorite Social Media App till date. Snapchat Score shows the ranking of the user. The score is located on the profile page, below the name and at the right of the username. It is the sum of Snapchat pictures send and receive. It can fluctuate with more and more usage of this app. One can boost up their score in no time with few tips and tricks.

1. The basic way to increase Snapchat Score is by receiving/sending Snaps on your inbox.

So, send snaps to more and more people on your list. As many people, you send the snaps it will be directly proportional to your score. You can ask your friends to send you snaps that also helps to increase the score.

2. Sending a snap to celebrities and famous Snapchat Users one can gain a point with a snap.

Even if the recipient doesn’t open or read the snap still the snapchat score will increase. You don’t have to take an actual picture and send it to them. It can be a blank picture or a text, just send them in abundance. You can actually see that your score is going up.

3. Sometimes Snapchat acts funny.

If you open a snap let’s say after a span of 6 months or so you will see the increase in your snapchat score. It is the way where Snapchat shows the gratitude that it is a happy moment you came for snapping! You might get a hike of 6 points.

4. Another fun way to increase the score is to focus on Trophy case page.

There are different trophies with look likes emojis. They give you the inspiration to boost up your score.
Once you understand the whole principle of the Snapchat score, it will be very easy to attain to a good score. Unlike other popular social media apps, Snapchat has no hacks to gain followers and increase the score. Its algorithm cannot be hacked. Hence, don’t be fooled by the websites telling that they can hack it.

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