What should be your SEO strategy for 2016-2017?

SEO strategy

It is a fact well known that better SEO strategies lead to business growth and online traffic. But since the web continues to evolve, the SEO strategies also need to adapt to such changes to continue to be effective. In order to wade through the sea of misinformation, it is best to keep yourself informed of the recent changes in the SEO world so that you continue to follow the best industry standards.

Few of the strategies to look out for the remainder of 2016 are listed here:

1. Mobile Optimization: Owning a Smartphone is not just a dream, but a reality of many now. As such, mobile has become the new age digital platform, used more often than laptops or tablets. Even Google prefers mobile optimized and responsive websites.

2. Few Links: Inbound links are the sure shot way to Google ranking and this is not going to change even in 2016. But the focus should always be on quality. Therefore, instead of sourcing hundreds of links from substandard websites, a few from trusted websites is a better option. This kind of quality link building is a must have for your SEO strategy.

3. Focus on User: with the introduction of the Hummingbird, Google has changed the way websites are ranked. Now keywords to page match is not the sole criteria to ranking, but the content relevance, keyword context, etc are all relevant. This means that you cannot simply stuff your content with keyword and use them as a conversation matter in your content, which readers are more likely to see when looking for your product and services.

4. Use social media judiciously: With changing times, signing up on various social media channels and sharing random content defined social media presence for many brands. With social media become an important marketing and branding tool, the prospect of engaging with your target audience is immense. Hence, being active on even one or two social media platforms will be noticed by Google.

5. Website speed: firms should continuously test the speed of their website as it affects user experience. Page speed is also one of the factors that affects Google ranking. Various things can slow a page down, such as un-optimized images, plugin overload, etc. so make sure you continuously update your site.

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