Start Using Pinterest For Your Small Business

Start using Pinterest for your small business | Vowels Blog

Pinterest has opened up its platform to large as well as small businesses considering the rapid change in the digital market world. Its much publicized ‘promoted pins’ technique used to be available to large businesses only when it was launched but now it has introduced something new to cater to small businesses as well.

The new DIY Promoted Pins is stated to increase click-throughs, enhanced reach to target customer which can consequently drive more traffic to businesses. The DIY Promoted Pins allows small businesses to connect with more users on Pinterest who show up in the search category of the platform. This tool works on cost per click basis.

Nonetheless, you should be active on all social media platforms to reach out to your target audience. Having an active presence on Pinterest will also allow you to explore hidden opportunities as most of the businesses largely focus on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram . Know some of the tips to kick start your new social media marketing plan for Pinterest:

Your audience: Pinterest is mostly used by women, between the ages of 15 – 34, as per a research study conducted by Ahology and AcuPOLL Precision Research LLP. Considering this, you can determine whether or not you have to create a presence on Pinterest. If your product or service caters to women, especially millennial women, then there cannot be a better platform for you to market than Pinterest. On the other hand, if your target audience is male, then you have the option of skipping this platform.

Be a marketer and not an advertiser: It has been argued that most of the Pinterest users click on the pins that eventually go to blog posts, images, articles, etc. Also, less than half of it click through websites or brand/shopping sites. Thus, this indicates that most of the Pinterest users seek engaging content.

Visual: Pinterest users engage with highly visual content. So if your product or service caters even remotely to food, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, décor, travel, craft, etc., then Pinterest is the platform for you. For instance, Pin boards containing images, infographics, etc. are extremely popular.

Categorization: You have to ensure that your pins are properly categorized for users to understand and engage with your content. Instead of following a chronological order, you can pin your posts in order of importance.

You have to ensure that you create a posting schedule, analyze the audience response and then follow through your Pinterest strategy to leave an effective presence for your business on this platform.

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