Now Business Communication Gets Easier with Facebook’s Customer Chat

Now Business Communication Gets Easier with Facebook’s Customer

For all the marketers and businessmen who aspire to expand their visibility and establish a transparent and consistent communication with their customers, Facebook has introduced, Customer Chat, a messenger-powered customer support tool. This plugin helps the businessmen to engage in chat with their users both on websites and within Facebook Messenger. This enables the customer support representatives to converse with customers, indulge in live chat with a human or bot without leaving the retailers’ websites. Here are some of the benefits that one can get from this plugin:

Better Communication

Customer Chat is available on mobile devices and desktop and as the conversation is synced, so the chat started on a website can be continued on Messenger. Since it saves conversation history, therefore, it allows the user to talk with a rep on the site to chat on Messenger mobile app without having to start a new thread. As a result, the communication becomes much easier discarding any kind of miscommunication or delay of business due to lack of interaction.

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Enhance customer relationship

To retain a good customer base, the most important thing is to build a rapport with the users and maintain it by constantly being in touch with them. Customer Chat is a wonderful service that not only allows customer interaction anywhere anytime, but the bots deployed on the website are programmed to perform variety of jobs, like status updates, answering common user questions and automated services.

Stands as a threat to standard method of customer interaction

This plugin has emerged as an advantage for the businessmen who are open to adapt modern tactics. But for the methods being used for such a long time, like Send to Messenger and Message Us Buttons, which have been available for interaction on the websites, it has come as a threat as it has become the first native offering for live chat.

Now Business Communication Gets Easier with Facebook’s Customer | Vowels


The plugin success relies on the inclination of the businessmen towards building a user-friendly experience for the customers. It helps in bringing retailer and customer close and develop an understanding leading to a better relationship. Moreover, with more communication taking place via Customer Chat, it might cannibalize the dominance of communication channels like phone or email, hence, making it one of the most business-friendly features of Facebook.

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