Why Infographics Must Remain Part Of Your SEO Strategy


Content strategies keep getting updated to enable brands better engage with their target audience. One thing that has remained constant in the last few years is the use of infographics to create, share and disseminate information to the target audience. In fact, infographics are considered as such an important part of a firm’s SEO strategy that its various formats such as micrographics and social-graphics are also being created. The mere fact is that Infographics are simple yet a better piece of content presented to the audience.

Let’s see why infographics must remain part of a firm’s SEO strategy:

Draws Traffic Quickly: most of the new websites face the challenge of getting off the ground because of lack of traffic. A craftily designed infographic can present the brand’s message and information in an explicit visual manner that can draw attention and traffic to the website. Infographics also attract a lot of shares, which work in the favor of the brand trying to gain attention of new consumers. This is a very straightforward and great for branding and traffic.

Increases Brand Following and Grow Social Media Presence: if infographics are promoted correctly, it can help increase a brand’s social media following. This is because of a consumer comes in contact with your infographics, loves the information, would eventually like hearing more from your brand. Thus, it is important that you conduct a comprehensive research for your infographic to ensure it gives value to your readers.

Visual Content is More Effective: Various studies have shown that consumers tend to respond better to visual content than textual. As per an SEO strategy, the main goal is to draw the attention of consumers which can be achieved by sharing of content across social media channels. As humans respond better to visual information, presenting content through infographics is one of the best content marketing strategies.

Complex Information Made Easier: Infographics make it easier for marketers to present different point and complex information in a simple graphical representation. Many brands may also have complicated data to share with their readers and infographics make this easier for them. If you want to share data, statistics and numbers with your readers, you can easily present it through infographics.

Stats: Statistics are also in favor of infographics. For instance, as per a study conducted by Hubspot.com, 55% of website visitors spend less than 12-15 seconds reading content off a page. This makes visual content more effective. Also, comparatively, visual content such as infographics, tends to attract more social shares, and also is able to earn more referral links.

While many strategies will come and go, infographic is set to remain one of the favouites purely from the SEO point of view.

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