Should You Have Infinite Scrolling?

Why Should You have infinite scrolling | Vowels  Blog

Most of the people do not know what is meant by ‘Infinite Scrolling’. It is a format on websites wherein readers can continue to scroll as the new information loads constantly. Simply put, there is infinite information on the single page and there is no ‘next page’ link to view more. Some of the popular examples of infinite scrolling are Twitter, Facebook Pinterest, Mashable, Google Images etc.
It may sound like a unique strategy for a business website; it may not work for all kinds of businesses. Whether or not should you go for it depends entirely on your business goals and the kind of information you want to give to your readers.

Why it works:

  • Mobile Phones: Mobile phones make it click on the ‘next page’ link difficult, which makes browsing difficult. Scrolling up and down is easier.
  • Better Engagement: Infinite scrolling keeps the consumers engaged as ‘see more’ links often break the reading experience.
  • When you have more data: It works the best when you a lot of data to share with your audience.
  • Website works fine: Contrary to popular belief, infinite scrolling does not make website slower and with each scroll down, a new page view will be counted in your Analytics.
  • Why it doesn’t Work:

  • Nothing Specific to Look for: With infinite scrolling, users cannot search for anything specific as everything is available on a single page.
  • No Option to Skip: Likewise, you cannot skip to new information unless it loads; and in order to read what you want, you have to continue to keep loading.
  • How to be sure it should work for you or not?

    Infinite scrolling works for entertainment website as they have similar content to share with their readers as their main aim is to entertain. These websites want people to continue scrolling to keep loading new information as there is no need for search option. On the other hand, infinite scrolling will not work for E-Commerce websites. This is because such websites want the users to look for and jump to specific information. Searching is an important facet for them and not every content has the same relevance for all kinds of users.

    So, this was our take on infinite scrolling. Let us know what you think of it.

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