What More Efforts Do You Need To Make Your Brand Visible?


Your immediate personal circle knows your competitor more than they do about your brand?
Are all your efforts bearing fruit into measurable results?

brand awareness is not a one off tactic; its a continuous process. Increase your brand’s visibility and awareness by simple ways.

Do you ever feel that not many people know about your brand? Despite all the efforts you put your marketing or branding activities, your brand is still not visible, especially to your target audience? Or your immediate personal circle knows your competitor more than they do about your brand? If this is the case then you lack investing efforts in creating brand awareness. What maneuvers you can use to increase brand visibility?


Use your existing network of professional, personal and social life. Ask them to provide you with referrals, feedback, reviews, and testimonials from clients. This is to leverage the word of mouth tactic since more people are expected to buy a product or service if they have heard positive reviews about it from someone else. You can also use social media to reward those who give positive reviews for your product or service by creating “add a referral program”.

Social Media:

The word and the platform can never be overused. Considering the wide reach of social media (1 in every 4 minutes of individuals is spent online), there are more chances of your potential clients and consumers to be using one form of social media or another. Use relevant hashtags that consist of your brand’s keywords, or phrases that your potential clients may want to use to find a brand like yours, etc. You can also start an open ended conversation with users online to create engagement, which can only generate curiosity about your brand.


Use new content and do not only rely on textual content to gain the attention of the new consumer or client. Images and photos last longer in the brains of the intended reader. To portray your brand, you can be creative in this approach and use sarcastic or funny content to start engagement with your intended audience, which can lead to more shares and thus more visibility for your brand.

Partner Up with an NGO :

There are a lot of firms that are associated with one charity firm or the other. By doing so, you can not only further your personal motive to give something back to society but also create a goodwill for your brand which cannot be measured in monetary value. Being a good Samaritan will put you in high pedestal in the media and associated networks.

There are a lot of ways using which you can increase your brand’s visibility and create awareness. But if you are bound by the constraints of time, you can always hire an experienced branding agency that can fulfill your branding needs, having all the tricks of the trade up their sleeve, to be used at the right time, for the right location!

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