Five Ways to Increase your Facebook Engagement

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Facebook has over 1.18 billion daily users. It is a huge platform and an interesting one because; you can promote your brand on Facebook, without making it obvious! The trick is to make your posts engaging so people keep coming back for more. Here’s how you can do it better:

Ask Questions and Use Images

Ask Questions in your post to engage users. Ask them their opinion on something relevant or ask them a fill in the blank question. Use a lot of pictures, people may not read a status update but the chances of them looking at an interesting image are way higher. Put up interesting images and make sure to brand them with your logo so people know the brains behind the images.


Your brand’s Facebook page needs to have its distinct personality. Use that personality to engage with your followers. And maintain that personality, so the people can read your statuses in that familiar voice in their head. And that is sure to create a sense of recall amongst your followers.

Acknowledge your Followers

Reply to all comments, and do it quickly. The more time you wait, you lower the chances of having a conversation with your followers. Post your fan appreciations publicly; it encourages more people to get in touch with you.


The time of day during which you post content on Facebook decides the number of views you get. Analyze your previous posts to see what time has worked best for you in the past.


Don’t post just what you want to tell your followers. Every once in a while, try and post or share content that your followers might find interesting. Make sure that it’s related to your field of work.

Having a strong and dominating Facebook presence is a time consuming job. You can always get in touch with Social media Experts to look after your Facebook Page for you.

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