Why do you need to update your website?

Surveys and statistics overwhelmingly show that a firm’s website influences customers’ impression of your brand. Having said that, keeping your website updated using the best creative agency in Jaipur is in your best interest as it will help you keep your website up to date with relevant information. An upgrade may mean having a new site altogether or minor modifications in the existing one. Nonetheless, if you want to focus on marketing in Jaipur, then you need to continue reading why you should update your website:
Is it mobile friendly:
screens are getting smaller and mobile content is gaining foothold across all consumer segments. So, it makes sense that you are also adaptive to the new changes in the digital world and as per consumers’ preferences. If your website is not adaptive to mobile, then you need to completely change it with the help of the best creative agency in Jaipur. If you still think it is not necessary, then consider this: mobile marketing is expected to generate $1.8 billion in revenue in India by 2018.
Does it look modern:
With time, new website themes are introduced that are at par with the new technology and as such, consumers also get the impression that the firm is modern and stylish and believes in keeping up with the changing time.
Is it properly aligned with your marketing efforts:
There may be a possibility that your marketing efforts have changed to target new consumer segment/geographical area/ new product, etc. using new digital marketing agency in Jaipur. So, if your website does not reflect the same, then it may create a negative image in the mind of consumers.
Favorable bounce rate:
Are your online visitors leaving as soon as they land on your website? There could be plenty of reasons for it, but one of it could be that the visitors may find it difficult to navigate through the website or they did not get proper information. If this is the case too often to leave unnoticed, then it is high time you updated your website using the best creative agency in Jaipur.
To keep up with the changing times and the modern world, your website should also be the face of the new consumer, new world and new times, no matter how old or well established your firm is. Matching toes with the new technology will propel you to success.
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