Honking might be a thing of the past

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“Tired of traffic on the daily commute? Just jump in the flying car and leave the congestion behind”. These are the words of Shepard Smith, a reporter from Fox Newson the recent unveiling of ‘The Flyer’ – flying car prototype made by Kitty Hawk.

What is Kitty Hawk ?

Founded in the year 2015, Kitty Hawk is a Silicon Valley company backed by Google’s co-founder Larry Page. It is named after a place where the Wright brothers first conveyed the message of their successful flight.

The company, which was recently in the limelight, has all the right reasons to cheer because they are the first ones to come up with a working prototype of flying cars. They are planning to start selling their vehicles by the end of 2017 according to company sources and the price for the car has not been set yet.

Honking might be a thing of the past | Vowels Advertising

The Flyer

It is an open seated car with room for one person and it runs on eight battery-powered propellers. The first version was specifically designed to fly over water. It takes off and lands vertically on water. One amazing feature of this car is that, it can automatically hold an altitude of 15 feet over water.

Kitty Hawk says that the (Federal Aviation Administration) FAA has approved The Flyer to operate in the agency’s Ultralight category of aircraft, although its operation is limited to uncongested areas. A pilot’s license is not required and according to the company’s website, anyone can learn to fly it in minutes.

What is in it for everyone?

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It is a huge achievement for the company considering the fact that, more than dozen start-ups backed by deep-pocketed industry figures like Airbus, the ride-hailing company Uber and even the government of Dubai are taking on the dream of the flying car. The company is a step ahead in moving towards achieving their vision of having everyone fly their own vehicles around town.

However, keeping the feasibility and affordability aspects in mind, The Flyer has a long way to go because of the limited utility is provides and the multiple restrictions it has. However, the reaction of the people towards the product will be the right scale to judge whether it solves the problem of traffic and defines a new commuting experience.

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