High CPC keywords in India for 2018 List

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High CPC keywords India 2018 List

One of the most commonly used three letter acronym these days in online marketing is CCP (Cost per Click). CPC is the actual price that the advertisers pay for each click on marketing campaigns. A click on any PPC ad represents the attention that viewers are paying to the advertiser’s products or services. It also determines how much an advertiser is paying each time an ad gets clicked. In case of Google Adwords, there are business bids on various keywords and when each ad is clicked, an amount of money is paid by the advertiser based on cost-per-click decided. Each keyword is related to a different set of bids and CPC advertising is one of the lucrative methods to earn more.

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Cost Per Click gauges the financial success of the paid search campaigns, therefore, it is significant to track down the overall ROI of the campaigns to know the quality of traffic generated. If a publisher is running cost per click ad on a website, then the higher the CPC, the more amount is to be paid. So, creating target keywords with high cost per click enables the advertiser to garner more business with Google Adwords.

Some of the highest CPC keywords in India are as following:

1) Business Services
2) Hosting (Highest CPC Keywords in India)
3) Software (Highest CPC Keywords in India)
4) Loans
5) Insurance
6) Cash Services
7) Mortgage
8) Credit
9) Attorney
10) Lawyer

The aforementioned keywords are the most expensive CPC keywords in India. Adsense is a friendly ads network for advertisers and publishers both, so if a blogger writes articles with high CPC keywords, then it will show high cost ads on that article. CPC translates into cost per conversion. So, discovering relevant, new and valuable clicks helps in expanding the reach of the adverts.
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How Can You Earn High CPC Keywords?

Using high CPC keyword can make you earn well. For example, if you choose a keyword whose CPC rate is around $3 approximately and you get 40 clicks daily then at the end of the day and the month estimate will be like
Daily Income: $3 x 40= $120
Monthly Income: $120 x 30= $3600
$3600 is enough to start for a month. You can write a keyword related blog as well. A high CPC keyword can be searched from “Google Keyword Planner”, they can be either short tail or long tail keyword.

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