A Guide to Using Instagram Ads for Business

A Guide to Using Instagram Ads for Business

Instagram has surpassed Twitter as it crossed 400 million user mark around the world. With such a substantial user base, it is important to know how businesses can benefit from it. Also, with their announcement on 30th September’ 2015, businesses can create Instagram ads on the basis of self service.

What are Instagram Ads?

These ads come in the form of either a photo or a short video that can come from an account which a user doesn’t necessarily follow. Upon viewing the ad, the user can follow the brand, like or comment on the sponsored ad.

How to create Instagram Ads?

Have a Facebook account of your business Use it to sign up for Instagram or hire a creative agency in Jaipur to look after the social media work for you. You can also preview the ad at the right side of your business page and ensure your image or video is of high quality to draw attention to them.

Measure Your Success

Setting up business pages and posting relevant images is easier said than done. In order to reach your target market effectively, one of the best ways to do so is to hire creative agency in Jaipur, which can use conversion tracking tools to measure registration, checkouts, key page views, website conversions, etc.

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