Grow Your Business Online With a Powerful Advertising Platform – Google Adwords

Grow your business through Google Adwords

Everyone is familiar with Google Adwords these days and its contribution in generating more leads, revenue and traffic for a website. Google Adwords has succeeded as an advertising platform and the concept of Pay Per Click has benefited many marketers and business owners. Investing time and capital in Google Adwords is a big challenge as one has to allocate the marketing budget according to the effectiveness of the channels targeted for the business. Have a look below at some of the reasons of the growing popularity of Google Adwords in the arena of massive advertising.

Adwords garners more visibility than SEO

Google Adwords Vs SEO

If we talk of long term benefits, then SEO is definitely very productive for business, but Google Adwords has the potential to gain instant visibility. In fact, Adwords platform is more transparent and the moment we put resources in Adwords campaign, one can get high number of clicks right away. As far as SEO is concerned, one has to put a lot of efforts in presenting quality content coupled with backlinks in order to get better organic ranking whereas Adwords ensures that the ads appear on the top of the page and grab maximum attention of the visitors. Handling multiple keywords at a time, turning the campaign on and off as per convenience and coming up with well optimized Adwords campaign helps in leveraging business and reaching new heights.

Adwords is measurable and flexible

Google Adwords Parameters

Adwords PPC is the most measurable parameter used for advertising, unlike SEO in which it is very difficult to gauge which action leads to high or low rankings. PPC metrics help in carrying out an analysis on the tactics being used and get an understanding of what actually works for the business. As far as flexibility is concerned, Google Adwords offers many options to tailor the ads campaign by hyper-targeting the audience that advertiser wants to reach or by adding ad extension to display links, phone number, product images, etc.

Reach more prospects through Gmail Inbox

Reach more prospects through Gmail

In 2015, Google integrated Gmail ads with Google Adwords and enabled the advertisers to make the business accessible to a large number of customers. Also, Gmail ads that appear on promotion tabs and sometimes on social tabs are much cheaper than search ads. Advertisers with small budget can go with Gmail ads and attract more customers towards the brand.

Uplifts brand awareness

Google Searches | Website optimization for mobiles enhances brand visibility and sales

Adwords not only drives more traffic, clicks and conversions, but it speaks about brand image as well. When a person searches about a brand, the ads that pop-up on the front page on the top are the ones that catch the eyes of the visitors and thus, the mind of the customers is diverted to the brand that seems very flashy and stands apart from the rest. Moreover, marketer should focus on increasing brand awareness through search and display ads as well.

Adword Remarketing

Adowrd Demographics

Remarketing is a powerful tool that helps to reach the past visitors who had shown interest in the website. The display ads track these visitors and follow them with a cookie (the visitors who have found the website through social media, emails, etc.). RLSA stands for Remarketing Lists for Search Ads and it helps in showing the relevant ads in response to the search query.


Google Adwords and SEO both are search engine marketing strategies which generate revenues and traffic and in fact, one can’t choose either of the two as they collectively do wonders and bring more refined results for the website. Marketing via Google Adwords musters skyrocketing business for advertisers by keeping the brand name on top of the customer’s mind.


  • anchortext says:

    Google punishes advertisers that do not set their accounts up properly by charging them more for clicks and
    giving them lower ad rankings. Google Places – Consider Google Places (formerly Local Business Centre) being a local company directory, a major city map, with an advertising space
    rolled into one. Google Ad – Words management
    can be a way for individuals and corporate entities to deal with
    their Google Ad – Words marketing campaigns.

    • Ashwin Sharma Ashwin Sharma says:

      Hello anchortext,

      Thanks for adding this wonderfull tip. 🙂 Great to hear from, and really appreciate the kind support.

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