One of the biggest advantages of being part of a small business is that there is a lot of scope of changes and improvements. Implementing change is way quicker and hence you can choose to make better and GREENER decisions! Being environmental friendly is the way to go! This World Environment Day, here are a few changes you can consider to add on to your business.

1. Do a Green-Check

Make your office environment friendly. Use CFL bulbs, they use very little energy and give out the same amount of illumination. Avoid use of disposable utensils and encourage everyone to use reusable water bottles and utensils. Avoid use of paper, but if you must then go for recycled paper. Set all screens on a short duration stand-by mode so energy can be saved when the devices aren’t in use. Set up some potted plants around the office – to maintain the ecological balance and increase the aesthetic value!

2. Get Digital

Promote your business online. You can reach the right set of audiences, and convey your message directly to them. If you’re planning to send out postcards, send an email instead. If you’re planning a newspaper ad or billboard, take up ads on Google and social media platforms. The results will be more effective if not similar as more and more people spend more time online now and are influenced by it. For that matter you can also digitize your payment system. Digital invoices and online payments – go cashless!

3. Leverage The Cloud

Running a business means having a lot of data that needs to be stored! Avoid using external devices and you can rely completely on cloud. Which allows you to access your data from anywhere and at any time! You can store data, share it, back up data and cause negligible environmental impact. Using external devices can sometimes be unreliable as it may get damaged, also it requires a lot of energy consumption!

4. Go Paperless

This is an environment friendly initiative which is also going to help you save money! Try and remove all dependency from papers or try and limit it to as little as possible. Going paperless or limiting the use of paper dependency is quite easy for small businesses. Digitize your files, leverage technology and you will find that your work will only get easier!

5. Green Business

And if you’re looking to start a new business, why not do something that supports the environment. You could start green cleaning, organic farming, sustainable farm model etc. You can help protect the environment and also earn some profits out of it!

Start a whole new green business or inculcate green practices to your existing small business, both the scenarios ensure a win-win for small business, also it does feel good to be environmentally conscious! Good luck!

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