Free Marketing Tools for Start ups

free marketing tool
free marketing tool

If you are bootstrapping a business then you must know the importance of every Rupee, especially in a cash crunch situation like ours. It is important that you execute your core competency well but it is equally important that properly and effectively marketing your business. And fortunately, there are a lot of digital marketing tools that you can use without spending a dime!

Let’s find out which ones are these:-

Hootsuite or Buffer for social media management:
Free Marketing Tools for Startups | Blog

Hootsuite and Buffer are social media management tools that help you streamline all your social media efforts. It’d be remiss to not mention about the important of social media management in a digital world, without which you simply cannot reach out to the masses in a more efficient or faster manner. Buffer helps you schedule your posts and Hootsuite helps you sync your social media profiles and the same lets you respond quickly across all your platforms.

Free Logo with goSapces:
Free Marketing Tools for Startups | Blog

Logo represents your brand and creating a simple yet meaningful logo will give the audience a glimpse into the true meaning behind your brand. goSpaces’ free logo maker is a free tool which you can use and choose from many frames, fonts, etc. to create your firm’s initial identity.

Evernote to the Rescue:

Free Marketing Tools for Startups | Blog

Organization of ideas is important when you are marketing your business. You can get any idea at any moment during a day and if you are unable to prioritize or note down ideas on a location that is easily accessible then you might lose a good resource. Evernote solves this issue as you can access it through any device – mobile, desktop, laptops, tablets, etc. which makes it a perfect tool to store and find ideas and brainstorm over gathered thoughts as well. In short, it helps you prioritize and streamline your ideas.

So, you need to dig more into the digital marketing world to get your money’s worth and save as much as you can in the cash crunch initial days of your start up.

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