Facebook Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

With almost 2 billion monthly users, Facebook has become one of the most popular networking sites in terms of scope and reach. With a huge consumer base, the public portal provides endless opportunities to marketers to create awareness for their brand and to make it more visible to the target audience. However, the opportunity is underscored with the manner in which the platform is effectively utilized. If not used properly, Facebook Marketing Strategy can also backfire or may not be well received by the intended audience. So, it makes sense to be assured of certain basic mistakes that you can avoid while marketing on Facebook.

Let’s see a few of them:

Basic Blunders:

One of the most common mistakes is to not indulge in posting blunders that may damage your brand’s reputation. For instance, you cannot use the image of a plane crash to promote your own airlines, even if your main intent is to mock or engage in satire. This is an exact example of bad judgment and lack of research.

Not Using Facebook Tools: To streamline your marketing efforts, Facebook provides a range of tools such as Insights, Friends of Fans, Promoted Posts, etc. to help you engage with your target audience and also keep a track of your Facebook marketing strategies. If you are recklessly posting random images and memes without analyzing your performance, then your efforts may not bear fruit.

Ignoring Comments:

You are a brand, and your first priority is to engage with the intended audience. If you only respond to the positive comments and ignore any negative comment or criticism, then as a brand, you may lose credibility. The users leaving comments on your posts are real, may be your existing or potential customers so they expect a response from you. So, by responding to them will make your brand add a personal touch.

Just Too Much Content:

Although, content may be the king, but the context still rules the word. Needless stuffing of your posts with unnecessary information will only do your brand harm. Post regularly, but keep the message intact, which should be persuasive. The main intention should not be to bombard the audience with too much information, rather engagement.

Too Much Brand: If you only talk about your brand, endlessly, then it will become a routine even for your followers. If your timeline contains endless streaming of only your content then it will be off putting to many. It’s one thing to promote your product and services but engagement with the audience comes when you play around with content. Use content relevant to your industry or niche; share information not originally penned by you, etc.

Facebook is an important portal in the social media space but that does not mean you can use everything and anything on Facebook. Like any other domain, Facebook also needs creativity. Analyze what works for your target audience and not for you. Plan your strategies and not simply post without putting time and effort into it. Be updated about new information and attempt to engage the audience with your brand – to lend a personal touch!

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