Email marketing – A Powerful Marketing Tool For Business Growth

Email Marketing | Email marketing - a powerful marketing tool for business growth

When you wake in the morning, the first thing that you see on your cell phones is your Email. No matter how inclined you are towards other digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, but when it comes to official conversation, nothing can beat the power of Emails. Electronic mail is the forerunner of the other social media platforms. Since the arrival of emails, the criterion of business development has changed and brand communication has also become convenient. The marketers rely on email marketing for a wider reach and for creating and maintaining brand credibility. Email marketing is one such tool that connects directly with the customers and garners business for the company. Here are some tactics that can help in boosting business via Email marketing:

Email Newsletters

Building contact with the customers starts with pitching the correct audience and getting permissions for email conversation. It is done by sharing an email newsletter that is a document containing the business purpose and other details for the customer’s benefits. The content of the newsletter has to be so appealing that the foundation laid for the email campaign is strong. Sample email newsletter templates are readily available online for reference.

Marketing Via Emil | Email marketing - a powerful marketing tool for business growth

Follow up emails

Once the customers have given the green signal, the next step is to keep the customer interaction intact and retain the brand loyalty built. The only method to make customers connected with the brand is to send them follow-up mails. Follow-up mails update the customers with the brands’ new arrivals, promotions, deals and much more.

The problem that marketers often face is skipping one of the customers from the list and forgetting to entertain them. So, at that point of time the use of Auto responder comes into practice. Auto responders are helping tools that schedule the email content to be delivered at a particular time. The autoresponder services that are widely used by marketers include Aweber, MailChimp, etc. To be in constant touch with the consumer is very important, but that does not mean that marketers start stalking the consumers. Regularity in mails is significant; but flooding customers’ inbox with plenty of mails might annoy the customer. So, email marketing should include quality content delivered at the right time to the customers.

Segmented audiences

Handling large number of customers is not an easy task, so it is fundamental to segregate the customer list. To develop a well-organized customer list is an efficient way to manage the marketing procedure. Various Customer list for daily mails or for alternate days, or for product updates or promotions or contest information, etc., enables smooth functioning of marketing via Emails.

Google | Email marketing - a powerful marketing tool for business growth

Enticing promotional emails

To instill brand awareness in customers’ mind and to catch their attention, promotional mails play a vital role. The emails to be broadcasted to the customers should include attractive strategies to drive them towards the brand. For instance, Flipkart mentions Recommended for you (Products) section, Contests, Product Updates and offers to their customers their emails. Such mails allure the customers and keep them engaged.

By and large, Email marketing invites more business opportunities

Email marketing generates new opportunities with the email newsletters. It helps in building media interviews, partnerships, ventures, etc. The messages forwarded via mails build brand image and enhance brand exposure establishing brand credibility among the customers. People think that emails have been replaced by more user-friendly media platforms, but the truth is the sanctity of Emails cannot be compared with any other marketing tool as it has its own monopoly in the market.

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