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Digital Marketing is gradually pacing past Traditional Marketing these days as Marketers are allocating higher budgets for Digital. Of course, the charm of Traditional Marketing persists, but here’s why going Digital is so clearly beneficial:

1. Easy and Precise

It is relatively easier for small businesses to do digital campaigns and promotions. They would only require help from an expert once they need customer segmentation and customization. Which brings us to how precise it is – you can communicate directly with the right person (target audience demographics) at the right time (when they are nearby) through the right medium (smartphone/social media) with an appealing marketing campaign which is sure to catch their interests.

2. Measurable

Every digital marketing campaign in the online space can be monitored and tracked with respect to multiple metrics. You can know exactly how many people from which area clicked on your ad using a certain type of device during a period of time. Your ROI on your digital spends can be tracked clearly so you know where every penny goes.

3. Mobile Phones and Social Media Usage

Tremendous increase in Mobile Phone usage has led to an extreme drive into the digital space. This combined with the amount of time a person spends on social media on their smartphone has ensured that the right communication reaches the right person at the right time. Now, add to this the miracle that is Remarketing Capability and Suggestive Ads, Digital Marketing is a boon to marketers.

Traditional Marketing now seems demanding as your target audience is needed to be present at a certain place at a certain time to receive your communication; it seems like too much of a gamble. So, if you’re not doing it yet, it is about time you went extensively digital so you can stay on top of the market.


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