Digital Marketing Trends to look forward to in 2018

Digital Marketing Trends 2018

The New Year is around the corner and the market is flooded with countless new arrivals in the world of digital marketing. All the marketers are eyeing over digital advancements that happen very frequently in the arena of marketing. The ultimate target of marketers is to enhance the user experience and that can only be done if the trending tools of marketing are taken into account. Various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc. have updated their features to cater to the increasing demands of the users, which is very crucial for the business growth. Have a look at the innovative tips, tricks and tools that will take digital marketing to the next level in the coming year.

Videos : New Strong Feature in Digital Marketing

Video has the power to lead

As per statistics, 43 % of people demand for video content from marketers and it is evident that videos generate a high engagement rate as it excessively shared, liked and reposted by the users. Video content is the most appealing form of communication which evokes huge response from the viewers. Especially, with social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram and the advent of live streaming and Live events, the audiences are getting allured towards such visual gigs. This year has set grounds for video content and the next year also seems to be hooked by video uploaded in different formats.

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Influencer marketing has a long way to go

As the figure speaks volumes about the popularity of influencer marketing, 95% of marketers consider this marketing strategy as the most effective method to muster more engagement. Social media influencers have more impact on people than celebrities because micro-influencers are very active online and moreover, this trend seems to be growing with time due to their high acceptance level specifically among the youth. To gain business revenue generation, influencers contribute a lot by sharing appealing content, in fact, the viewers are also mature these days as they tend to get attracted to the natural advertising tactics rather than staged content.

Voice Optimized content

Nowadays, the hectic lifestyle of people has made them sedentary and thus, they don’t even feel like typing and texting as it is quite time consuming. This has led to the emergence of voice search option and it is getting very popular day by day. Be it Google promoting the ease of searching online with the voice search or Siri’s alluring voice that entices the Apple users, the voice search seems to dominate the social media platforms. Around 20% of online searches were done this year through voice search and this figure is expected to rise in the coming time. So, all the marketers are optimizing content for voice search which will be beneficial for their business in the forthcoming year.

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Messaging platforms are on hike

It is time to focus on messaging platforms to connect directly with the customers. Computer program like Chatbot ensures that business flourishes with a better personalized experience provided to the users. With messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, Viber, Whatsapp, etc, the interaction with customers will become more personal and customer oriented in the future. So, it can be said that the upcoming year opens up productive opportunities of building liaison with the respected customers by chatting with them via messages.

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Virtual reality and augmented realty to experience a gradual growth

The concept of Virtual Reality has not penetrated much into the roots of digital marketing, but the gradual rise in its use in marketing can open doors for its acceptance among the masses. As far as engagement perspective is concerned, this is an effective digital medium to promote the experience of potential buyers. In 2015, at National Business Aviation Association conference in Las Vegas, the buyers were distributed custom VR Goggles to enjoy a tour view inside of a G650 Gulfstream airplane. Such is the power of virtual reality as it can exemplify the experience of viewers and make a long lasting impression in their minds. Augmented Reality is another technology development which can create a real-life environment for the users and can infuse more excitement in them for the digital developments.

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The New Year will witness the growth of the existing digital marketing tricks and the progress of the upcoming media tactics. All of the aforementioned tools are making buzz in the digital marketing world and they will undergo the phase of advancement in the next year. The coming future has a lot in store for the marketers, but the fact is that how creatively the marketers imply those tools to garner more support and engagement online.

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