Predictions for Digital Marketing in coming 2018!

The digital marketing sector is growing rapidly and people are accepting these changes very easily. In today’s digital world, consumer interacts more with apps and websites than physical agents, so in the future for further improvement, here are some predictions which can change the digital marketing sector in 2018 :

More improvement in voice search:

voice search

Voice search has already become the integral point for any consumer and now marketers will begin using this all the more in their SEO strategies. Marketers will invest in virtual assistant and Artificial Intelligence technology would be improved to become an important part of any digital marketing strategy thereby also affecting the customer experience.

Rise in niche influencer marketing:

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In the recent past, there has been an increase in niche influencer marketing especially on social media. Not only is it more cost effective, but it also garners more engagement as it caters to very specific target audience.

Investing more in Live Chat:

live chat

It was never expected that live chat would become the strongest channel of communication and bridge the gap between marketers and clients. But nowadays, businesses put more agents online so that customer queries can be resolved immediately.

Know more about micro moments:

The vast majority of people utilize their cell phones to research. In 2018 we can expect critical increment in micro moments. Mobile will be essential in offering buyers instant data upon quick demand.

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More and more videos focused marketing:

In 2018, customers would prefer not just to watch, but bounce through the screen-or into the 3D projection. You can expect greater headway in territories of projection mapping, Live video streaming, VR video marketing, 360 videos.

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Content Marketing:

Content Marketing will continue in 2018 but it would not rule the market alone. If good content does not reach the target audience then there the content fails to serve its purpose, so marketers need to focus on the right target audience along with choosing proper SEO technique.
With the rise of digital marketing sector, we hope to see new changes and inventions in technology sector that would help the customers and create a fruitful relations between the marketer and customers online.

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  • Manisha says:

    Utilization of AI in live chat software is the growing. The companies have started artificial intelligent in the chat support system. I think this is going to be the big thing in 2018. The advancement of chat software is making the customer support automated. You do not need to wait for the real person answer customer query. The AI-based chat system can provide the support easily.

    The development of the chat software will be a new thing that we will experience in 2018. There are many things that you can do with the automated chat software. For instance handing the customer query, recommending new service to the client. It enables you to provide 24×7 service to the customers.

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