Things You Must Know About Digital Marketing As An Entrepreneur

Digital marketing tips

The digital marketing world is changing fast and your website can go from having substantial traffic to flat lined traffic. More often than not, especially in India, in tier 2 cities, entrepreneurs still believe digital marketing is an optional choice. They could not be more wrong about it.

Let us see a few points to note with regard to digital marketing that every entrepreneur must know:

1. It is more than PPC Ads

Not until a few years ago, digital marketing was completely defined in terms of PPC ads, which was considered as complete digital marketing solution to reach out to the target market. However, now, entrepreneurs must know that it takes more than a PPC ad to convince a prospective buyer to buy a product or service, or even how to track performance or target ads specifically. Adwords is only a small part of your digital marketing project as more ways are taken into consideration in digital marketing to engage consumers.

2. SEO is more than a project
To those who think SEO is just a project or is dead should also know that Google made 664 updates in their algorithms only in the last few years. You cannot simply pay a firm to work on your SEO strategy for 1 or 3 months and finish it. Like marketing or advertising, SEO is also a continuous strategy that has drastically evolved in the last few years. You don’t necessarily have to know what exactly changes are brought forth by penguin, Hummingbird or Pigeon algorithm, but they should have someone in their office who knows it.

3. Content is still the king
Content is everywhere. It has evolved, like other techniques and now encompasses more visual aspects of different channels. Content is not only textual but more and more firms are now beginning to interact and engage with their customers using visual texts, audio, video, podcasts, memes, etc. Regular tweets, posts, pins, GIFs, etc. will only continue to make the web a powerful tool to be used by digital marketers.

4. You have to pay for digital marketing

No, you cannot always do it internally and yes you will have to pay a digital marketing firm who is ready to provide you an all encompassing service to give you a substantial presence online. If you spend your time and money wisely, you will have a great ROI eventually.

5. Mobile Domination
It really doesn’t matter much now whether you want to target your audience in the tier 1 or tier 2 cities. This is because mobile usage has penetrated most of the cities now and it has already surpassed the use of laptops and desktops to surf the internet. The latest Google algorithm change also focuses on websites being mobile friendly. If your website is not mobile friendly, you will suffer a great deal in getting required ROI or reaching out to the target audience. Consumers don’t really need friendly mobile services now, they actually demand it.

So, consider these aforementioned points before deciding against hiring a digital marketing firm for your business.

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