Why isn’t your Content Marketing working?

Why isn’t your Content Marketing working | Vowels Blog

Content marketing may work one day for you and may not for the next moment. This makes the technique quite fickle in nature. There can be times when everything seems to be working for you, but then the next moment you are simply staring blankly staring at your computer screen wondering what went wrong. When you have tried every trick in the book with your content marketing strategy, and still your campaigns fail, there may be underlying reasons to the same. Let’s find out what these are:

No idea of target audience:
As a Content Marketer, you are supposed to have a basic understanding of your target market and most of them do. But do they really know who these people they are targeting are? By this, we mean, do you understand your target audiences’ particular wants, fears, needs, expectations, hopes, issues and how/why they enjoy or neglect your content? If you see your target consumer as the following: “25-40 year old female, living in metropolitan cities of India, income more than 3 lakh INR” – you really do not know your target customers. The very basic of content marketing is that you have to know your consumers beyond the demographics and cover the psychographics as well. Only when you know them absolutely, will you be able to truly engage with them.

Are you selling too much:
When was the last time you enjoyed hearing from a pesky salesman? Content marketing is part of the digital marketing campaign whose ultimate aim is to promote, sell a firm’s product and service. But, the main factor of consideration with content marketing is that if it’s too much ‘salesy’ then the customer will probably lose interest. The main goal of content marketing is to engage and communicate with the customer and not necessary sell anything. Make the consumer interested in your brand with interesting blogs, videos, posts, graphics, etc. that helps establish a relationship of trust with the customer. And this is the main aim of content marketing should be.

Same Old Thing:
There is a reason why your customers are not liking your recent blog titled, ‘5 reasons to visit Fiji’ and most probably because it has already been written by you multiple number of times, albeit under different headings or sub headings. Instead of generating content what you are supposed to, create what you want to – which will essentially make it raw, engaging and new. This will make your content stand out from the crowd and make the audience take a notice of it.

So, basically, simple yet important points needs to be taken care of with your content marketing techniques to ensure you don’t lose track.

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  • Shreya Dhar says:

    Thank you for sharing these helpful pointers to keep in mind while developing a content marketing strategy. Content marketing is an important tool for every digital marketing analyst to drive audience engagement and increase online exposure. Please keep on sharing more helpful tips and suggestions in the upcoming posts.

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