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LinkedIn is a well-established platform for building liaison with professionals across the globe. To create rapport among millions of corporate professionals, LinkedIn is the best networking site that helps in laying the foundation of a business relation, then nurturing it with effective tools that LinkedIn offers. Around 530 million people are connected on the LinkedIn community and as per a research, 80% of those professionals have shown an ardent desire to be a mentor or be guided by one. Keeping in mind this need for mentorship, LinkedIn has rolled out “LinkedIn Career Advice” option to enable the users in countries namely, U.S., Australia, India, and the U.K. to seek fruitful guidance or give advices to other members. This new feature has opened lightweight mentorship opportunities for the users and initiated a wider scope for networking.

Whether you are confused about choosing the right career path for you, or you are an entrepreneur looking for suggestions to grow your business, this addition of Advice feature will direct you to the right person who will give productive suggestions. All you have to do is go to the dashboard on your LinkedIn profile and find Career Advice hub. Type your preferences of the kind of mentorship you are looking for, in simple words, enter what type of advice you are willing to offer or are searching for, then automatically you will receive some suggested names of the professionals based on your specifications. Afterwards, as you get the notification, you can then start your interaction with the professional. Here are some of the highlighting factors associated with this feature:

Get acquainted with prolific mentors

LinkedIn is flooded with eminent personalities from different avenues of life and when you are in dearth of good opportunities and you are in the quest of great business ideas, so what would be better than conversing with the experts themselves and getting to know their first-hand account at handling the fluctuations of emerging business. Once you start engaging in such constructive discussions, you discover some unexplored facets of the professional world.

Experience new domains in the industry

If you wish to broaden your connections with the proficient personalities, you need to build an extensive channel of qualified people. The major benefit of this network is that you get an insight into a various industrial developments. Moreover, keeping in touch with them helps you in understanding the corporate world in more depth and establish your reputation among the community of renowned personas.

Extend your corporate circle

Especially, this feature of LinkedIn Advice helps in filtering the network of people you are going to associate with online. Expanding your professional terms is very important to let your business plans grow with a strategic mind. The larger the group of professionals, the better exposure you get for your business to flourish.

Let’s see what this new arrival has in store for the users as Linked In has never disappointed users as far as professional collaboration is concerned and the updates followed are also meant to motivate users to choose the right path leading to a successful future ahead.

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