Clickbait Clicks: Changing Face Of Content

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Headlines do matter. Popular entertainment websites have created a large consumer database by merely creating headline formula. An engaging heading means more shares, more views, more clicks, which is also noticed by Google and for such companies, advertising agency notice the same as well  indicating more revenues as more clicks translate into more visitors and more advertising money.

Clickbait can best be defined as a double edged sword. It can help you get the traffic you need, make your post viral and increase your revenues to an extent, but if the headline does not match the content, then you eventually start disappointing your audience. Headlines, catchy ones, are written to attract readers, to make them ‘click’ on the published content.

You can be sure about clickbait that it is difficult to pin down, as it is best to define it as an article that doesn’t deliver as per the headline’s promise. But then, there are also audiences that use click-bait to shuffle through the stuff they don’t like on the internet. Suffice to say that clickbait has largely influenced the way content is now being published on social media websites like, etc. One of the best examples of clickbait cases is, whose posts mostly go viral.

So, if you want to use clickbait, but also provide entertaining yet meaningful content to your readers, here are a few things you can remember:

Factor clickbait into Content 
Optimize social media friendly content, such as this one or in other words, listicle (bullets or points).

Generic titles  
Such as “how to..”, “10 best ways..”, “X number of facts..”, etc. can be customized to fit any kind of content or brand offering.

Play the hero in the form of your content and find ways to list different content through listicle.

So, for someone into Digital marketing business, you should pay equal attention to clickbait as well as meaningful content to keep your fingers in most pies.

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