A complete Checklist for Social Media Strategy in 2018

planning for social media

Planning a social media campaign is a tedious job and it needs meticulous efforts and persistency to introduce marketing strategies for a successful campaign. A checklist acts as a catalyst for productive thinking and it outlines the whole process from planning to execution to measurement and insights. Here are the some points that you must keep in mind for marketing:

Filter your audience

By defining the set of target audience that you want to cater, the campaign becomes more focused and the reach is also very refined. Identifying the target audience demographic is necessary to make the social media posts reach the correct audience and get better responses. For instance, age group, occupation, gender, type of industry, educational level, etc., these basic parameters help in bifurcating the audience and craft a goal-oriented campaign.

Make content appealing

A social media post is sharable only when it engages the audience and this can be done by incorporating attractive visuals with creative content. Precise content featuring good images and relevant meta description in the post intrigues the audience. Target keywords and especially including call to action exemplifies the significance of the creative posts. Boosting the social media posts with good amount is another method to gain maximum reach.

Trigger the audience response

Garnering audience reach is possible by figuring out how many times the marketer should post on the different platforms. On Facebook, using paid ads for content promotion and responding to the audience on a regular basis is necessary for generating hype. Promotion of posts by influencers on various social media platforms, retweets, status updates, using proper keywords, all of these methods should be there on the checklist for social media marketing to ensure that the campaign runs smooth.


Regular posting, monitoring Twitter mentions and retweets and consistent interaction with the audiences is the best way to gain high engagement. Effective visual accompanied with appealing content and a well-planned strategic campaign ensures favorable outcome. This checklist is very essential to ensure that the social media pages generate a large number of likes, shares and positive response from the audiences.