Compelling Reasons for Businesses to use Pinterest for Marketing

Compelling Reasons for Businesses to use Pinterest for Marketing | Vowels Blog
From 10 million visitors in 2012 to 150 million active users in 2016, Pinterest has come a long way and is one of the fastest growing websites in the world. Despite its swift adoption, more often than not, the common most perception is that people use Pinterest only during the wedding season. This is not true and the social media platform can be used for marketing activities as well. Let’s find out why it works and how.

Not just another social media site

When considering your social media marketing strategy, Pinterest may not top your list or may not even make it to your list. This is your missed opportunity. Pinterest is ridiculously simple. It is more than seeing and sharing pictures specific to an occasion. Pinterest drives traffic, leads and sales. If used correctly, it can have a significant impact on your business. This is because it is a hotbed of ideas, creativity and eager customers who are on the constant look out for to seek ideas. As people browse through the platform to ‘get ideas’ and ‘plan’ better for an occasion, businesses can build upon this opportunity and target people who are looking to buy and do.

Why should you be on Pinterest?

Pinterest is meant for those who want to discover. With 150 million customer base, which are on the constant look out for information, ideas, advice and information, ignoring the platform can be a huge missed opportunity for businesses. 67% of Pinterest users are under the age of 40 and 54% of women Pinners are aged from 34-55. Interestingly, male users have gone up by 120% in 2016 itself. So, this is a general category that marketers can target and gives them a compelling reason to be on Pinterest.

Drives Traffic

If you are dependent on your website to generate leads and sales for you, then you need to make efforts to drive traffic to your site. Pinterest is a great tool which can help with increased links to your website; consequently helping you with more website traffic. As per a survey, Pinterest now drives more traffic to a website as opposed to Facebook.

Increased Inbound Links

One of the best features of Pinterest is that every Pin has a link which leads to the source of the image. Links which are built and sourced through images are considered to be some of the best which a business can acquire in terms of engagement.

Better User Engagement

Unlike other sites where the main aim is to get more followers, Pinterest users are largely content at finding stuff and staying within a small group. So basically, Pinterest users want to know what’s trending, what’s hot – which is the exact behavior that translates that marketers exactly want to influence and attract.

So, as you can see, there are not one but many reasons why your business should be on Pinterest and how best you can attract the users to your brand. With effective marketing strategy, Pinterest can be the next game changer for you.

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