Best Free Marketing Sources For Smart Marketers, That Help You Learn Marketing for Free

Free Marketing Tools For marketers

Search engines are the main source of organic traffic on social media today and Google is the most popular one among all. From the availability of books online to earning money with virtual jobs, this techno-savvy world has offered an ample number of opportunities for the users to explore various aspects of social media platforms. Here are some of the benefits that one can avail by using a plethora of tactics like, E-books, content management, etc.

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E – books

Google offers free, downloadable versions of public domain books that users can easily find with the target keywords. Now, the readers don’t have carry out the tedious task of browsing directory of books as they view and download the books in the PDFs format. This is how we can justify the portability of content.
Some of the sites to download E-books are:
• FreeBookSpot
• Project Gutenberg

Web Portals to download stock images

Visual element is the most striking feature of any piece of art, be it a website, an article, a video or an advertisement, etc. In order to enhance the quality of content, good images with high resolution are needed and for that purpose, there are a number of free stock images website that can be taken into use. Here is a list of such kind of web portals where you can find images with high quality which users can search by relevant category specified.

• Shutterstock – A pioneer image stock site which is a creator of the stock photo subscription
• Freepik – A resourceful website containing licensed photos, PSD, icons or vectors of communication.
• Pexels – A very helpful source of stock images where the pictures available are licensed under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license, meaning that they can be utilized for commercial uses too. The best part is 1500 new HQ photos are added on the site every month.

Free URL submission list –

High DA search engine submission site list enables bloggers to submit the URL of their blogs as it would give a boost in traffic and also their valuable backlinks.

Here is a list of few of the free URL submission list:

Google Url Submission
Bing Url Submission
Yandex Add Url
ActiveSearchResult Add Url
Exactseek Add Url

The submission of URLs to various search engines is necessary to get the blogs crawled (the process by which search engine software find publicly available information) and indexed (the process by which search engines organize the information).

It helps in gaining maximum exposure to the blog and bringing a rise in the search engine rankings.

Make money online using niche content websites

The best way to earn money online is by posting self-made content that is read by numerous readers around the world. There are many sites that offer great opportunities to the writers/bloggers to submit their content for which they are paid in return. Sites like ZergNet calls itself Content-Only Monetization platforms, NewsDog, UC web, these are not only information providers, but also gives a chance to quality content writers to polish their talent.


Internet acts as tool of revolution for the masses across the globe. With the help of such inventive tools, one can make productive use of various social media platforms and earn brilliant results for the blog or site. There are so many facets of social media that are left unnoticed. The more one gets familiar with the online world, the better it can be used for their benefit.