How can you make viral posts?


How can a marketer make their posts go viral? The question is a challenging one, but then there are a few entertainment websites that are able to create contagious and viral content every single time they publish. So, what’s their secret and what are they doing that you aren’t?
The answer to this most probably is, “yes”.
So, let’s see how virality of content takes place.

What makes content go viral?

Type of Content
Research and observation of previously published viral content indicate that positive content gets shared more than negative content.

Any content that arouses emotions and heightens them – positive or negative – can help it go viral. This could be awe, anxiety, anger, sadness, etc. (don’t we remember the news of a pup being thrown off the terrace in Bangalore?)

Content that is practical in nature or is deemed useful for the reader also has more chances of going viral (how to travel solo in India, how to cook food quickly, etc.)
How can you make content go viral?

Now you already have the cliff notes, so what next?

The best way to arouse emotions in readers is to challenge a highly publicized myth or notion. For instance, if you write something on/against, “content is king”, “scrapping of alimony laws”, etc. are sure to get people to show their feelings – negative or positive – making your content go viral. Invoke anger. Traffic wins. Content Marketing Ruled!

Also, don’t just write any content for the sake of writing. Always ensure that at the end of any content, you are able to arouse emotion. If you are not sure how to do it still, get in touch with an advertising agency and get started with your content. Also make sure that you do not put all the focus on clickbait techniques and focus on providing meaningful content to you reader.

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