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India has become, without a doubt, one of the most technologically active countries in the world. This is evident in the fact that the country became the second largest of Internet users after the US in 2015, as per a report published by IMRB International.

Let’s take a look at some of the statistics:

  • India has 402 million Internet Users (2015)
  • Internet User Base increased by 50% from 2014 to 2015
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  • 1 out of every 5 Indians uses the internet
  • Mobile internet usage in the country (urban) increased by 65% from 2014 to reach at 198 million in 2015.
  • Being a developing country, India has 317 million monthly active internet users. It is also expected that the same statistic will increase to 430 million by the end of 2016. For a digital marketer, this is a huge opportunity to explore within the Indian market. As such, the growing number of internet users in the country will also create new consumers for brands that are looking to get organic leads.

    The increased internet use in the country is beneficial to digital marketers since marketing and advertising is not limited to television only now. The same is also reflected in the internet and mass media usage of Indian consumer as well. As per, on an average, an Indian spends an hour and 56 minutes on TV and 5 hours using the internet, on a daily basis. Interestingly, on an average, an Indian consumer spends 3 hour and 25 minutes daily accessing the Internet using their smartphones. These statistics help digital marketers tremendously as they can know how best to target their respective audience – through mass media, social media or through mobile apps.
    If we are talking about statistics, the numbers are also available for social media platforms used the most and least by Indian consumers.

  • 11% of the Internet users communicate with each other using WhatsApp, the popular chat app has been taken over by Facebook.
  • 8% of the Indians use Facebook
  • 6% of the Indian internet users use twitter to share and retweet.
  • The internet usage in India is still in its infancy stage which is far from saturation. This gives a huge opportunity for marketers and advertisers to tap into the technological advancement and target the youngest population in the world (India has the youngest population in the world).

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