What makes influencer marketing the next big thing?

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It’s time to move beyond using industry jargons and consider the aspects of influencer marketing and we will explain why influencer marketing should be an important part of your overall branding strategy.

What is Influencer Marketing?

This is a kind of marketing that essentially uses industry leaders to drive home the message of marketing or brand’s message to the intended audience. In other words, instead of spending a large amount of sum to reach out to a large base of consumer, you hire or pay an influencer to spread the word for you. Subsequently, it can be stated that influencer marketing is hands in glove with content marketing and social media marketing. As such, most of the influencers are visible on some component of social media and they are expected to use their social media presence to spread the world to their followers. Influencer marketing also consists of content campaigns wherein the brands can create content for the influencers.

Difference between Influencer Marketing and Word of Mouth Marketing

Both the terms cannot be used interchangeably On one hand, influencer marketing consists of influencing and engaging key individuals to leverage their visibility, presence and popularity and word of mouth consists of being the avenue through which communication takes place. Thus, in other words, influencer marketing includes all of word of mouth activities.

  • It’s Social and Powerful: The world has moved to social media and it pays well to leverage the presence of personalities on social media who are followed by millions of people.
  • Better than Paid Ads: Consumer is tired of seeing sponsored ads in their timeline. As they are exposed to hundreds of ads in a single ad, more often than not, they unconsciously tune them out. The popularity of Netflix.in is testimony to the fact that people prefer content without an ad experience.
  • Facilitates SEO: Influencer marketing not only improves your sales numbers, but also helps enhance the rankings on user generated social posts. The more popular people talk about your brand on social media, it’s apparent that the more you will be known on Google search results.
  • By providing a voice of authority, influencer marketing helps shift a consumer’s focus as well as decision in the favour of a particular brand. So, it’s time to give it a try and revolutionize content marketing strategy.

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