How frequently should you post on social media?

How Often You Have To Post On social medai | Vowels Marketing agency

As a marketer, there are a few skills that come in handy for your campaign’s success. One of the definitely is how often should you post on all of your social media accounts. This single most point will determine whether your social media marketing strategy is successful or not.

If you post on your social media accounts irregularly and infrequently, then there is a high chance that your target audience will forget your brand exists or will stop paying heed to your posts, whenever they appear. On the other hand, if you post continuously, or too often, then you essentially run the risk of bordering on becoming a complete nuisance to your target audience. So, the main question is – where do you draw the line and find a balance? You need to be sure completely how often should you post without getting blocked and still remain relevant to your audience.

The answer lies in simple observation. If you are new to social media marketing, hold on to posting before you prepare a monthly planner. Observe the best in the industry available on social media and see how frequently they post and what are the responses received by the customers. So, instead of sending 10s of Tweets every day or many FB posts on a single day, and trying out different techniques and approaches, just follow the basics.

Facebook: Two posts a day rule is a generic prescription for Facebook, but only if you have more than 10,000 followers. If you have smaller audience as followers then you have the liberty of posting 3 – 4 times a week. As per a survey by, if you post twice a day when you have smaller following, then you have the chance of receiving 50% less clicks per post.

Twitter: As per a study by Social Bakers, the number of tweets per day is dependent upon the kind of engagement you are looking at. For instance, if you want to optimize your engagement, then tweeting 2-5 times a day will do the trick for you.

So, don’t rush into anything. Observe, plan and implement your comprehensive social media marketing plan.

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