HOW TO: Create Engaging Instagram Stories

How To Creating Instagram Stories

Instagram stories are a great way to boost engagement with your followers, but it isn’t really as easy as clicking a picture, choosing a filter and posting it. Creating engaging Instagram stories is actually an art form that one must master. And if you don’t already use this Instagram feature to reach out to your prospective customers then start now.

Why should you use Instagram stories?

While your Instagram stories have a shelf life of 24 hours, they help in directing traffic to your posts. Not only that, your Instagram stories also help in boosting engagement and hence your chances of appearing at the top of the news feed improves.

Leveraging stories is a brilliant idea because you can always coordinate your posts, which are permanent, with your stories. Either that, or you could use both these features for different purposes. You could put up pictures from your daily life to give out a behind the scenes peek into the business while you can leverage the story feature on Instagram as an advertisement tool or for announcements. Understand how these stories work. Each picture stays for 4seconds while you can have a video for about 10seconds.

Now, here’s how you can make the most of your Instagram Stories:

1. Content

Make sure that your story has a beginning, middle and end. Think things through before you post your story. Try and come up with content that would entertain your followers or educate and inspire them, which means that they should be able to derive some value or find it interesting enough to consume your story until the end.

2. Align your Posts with your Story

Your posts on Instagram can also be used as a teaser or a prequel for your followers to watch out for your story. That would lead to curiosity and in turn lead more and more people to consume your content.

3. Coupon Code/Announcement

You can create a whole build up around your story through your posts and at the end of your story you can share a coupon code that your viewers can avail. Which just ensures that they will be there the next time you post a story! You can even use your Instagram stories as a creative way to announce your new collection or store launch or any other event!

4. Video/Text

Some people may not be comfortable on camera but you can still do a video and find what works best for you. Try and add an aesthetic value to it by shooting outdoors. Or if it is text based, you can go for a series of images that together make an interesting and creative story. These kind of things build curiosity and have your viewers waiting to find the end.

5. Add Music

This is a great feature! It is almost like directing your own life with an amazing background score!

6. Boomerang/Hyperlapse

People are absolutely loving these Instagram features! It hardly takes a couple of seconds to record a Boomerang video and it is quite entertaining to watch! Again, you can use the Hyperlapse feature to make creative videos while walking from one place to another, it can add quite the visual appeal touch!
All said and done, this is quite a fun approach to market your content and it is well worth your time! 2017 is all about content marketing and Instagram Stories is the right way to go! Good luck!

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